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Reviews for "Madness Antipathy"

There is no beating the classics

Few questions.
1. How is hank always get revived? I mean he die all the time!
2. After he get revived, his skills increase. So where did he get those moves?
3. How many enemies are there?
I just wanted to know these questions answers. I don't wana stop the Madness!


This was cool and a nice film you have here some really nice work here as always you make some good animation here and have some good ideas along with some stories so nice job nice action scenes and just overall a great piece of work here

Not really nothing with this one


Very Great series! I like the Madness

this was undeniably the best on in the series. I literally grew up with madness, played all the official games, finished nexus the day it was published on newgrounds, and looking forward to pre-order nexus 2. Krinkels, Cheshyre, Swain, and all the others i don't remember the names of, you guys are LEGENDS. Fuckin' Legends i tells ya. I'm telling you, the day nexus is published in steam its gonna BLOW UP. People are gonna go head over heels on it. Keep working guys, keep working!