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Reviews for "Madness Antipathy"

"Just do what comes natural." -T
I guess this is really fitting for the series at this point, random killing. There were so many times that Hank went out to kill a lot of fools that we don't even kow why he is doing it anymore, it's just... Natural.
Don't think that I don't like it, I still think it keeps a smart plot, but you gotta follow it, or you'll just see random killing and maybe, just maybe, you will wonder why.
I really like it tho, the animation is fluid, the song matches and the jokes never get old, but I think that what I like most, after Madness 5, is the way that things match with the .5 ones, then all the references make a lot of sense


does he use software? if so what kind? can you use a program called pivot animator? because that is all i have


Aw yeah, DooM reference on the first frame! >:D And this just gets crazier and crazier. Only part I remember is the train ride, and the ending, but that must mean I did see it back way back when... fun times reliving these fun times. And nicely animated, with some refreshing comedy amidst the action (like the tourists). Onto the next!