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Reviews for "Madness Antipathy"

The bloodiest Hank?

just like this dude, I watched madness with my cousins when we were like 6 or 7, great memories
i love this chapter

I'm especially fond of this chapter, since it was the first one I saw when I was still a brat from 6th grade (LOL, how ironic XD). Later, a friend who was a big fan of the series (much more than me at the time, I must say), introduced me to more chapters and told me in detail about the Madness universe... and the rest is history.

Just to mention, I think in this episode Hank is pretty brutal (yes, more than usual), I think it was definitely not a good day to make him angry. That and also his look is quite intimidating, even with that cute smiley face... but I love it; I must even admit that, of all his looks, this is my personal favorite!

By the way, Jebus' little cameo always makes me laugh.

Madness Combat 6 was still good, however it's my least favorite. Hank looks weird thanks to his jaw being ripped off and put back on (i don't like how he has teeth it scares me krinkels) I dislike the agent design (the shades look pretty ugly), majority of the environment looks ugly (it's grey with some shading but that's kind of it, the buildings have the same posters over again, the train was just a grey box with circle windows) and the music in this one is very lacking. Still good, it's just mediocre.

In this madness Hank is ugly as fuck