Reviews for "SQATT"

Vote 0, stolen flash

Yet another moron who thinks he can get away with uploading a pregenerated tutorial. If the blammers don't get you, reporting your dumb ass will.


stop spamming the NG chatroom, and btw, this comes off a tutorial file off of flash 5!!!

The best game ever!

This game <b>IS</b> the best game I have ever played!

Good job Brynx for making sush a complicated game!


<b>It is kinda crap it is better thoe on MK u made

shit head

try making your own game once.......to everyone else *********IMPORTANT*********

you can find this game as a sample in flash five
its not his...you can find it beside file ..under help and the samples, its called mosquito killer

vote "X" on this peice of stolen work