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Reviews for "ClixSposing Kitraandra"

sort of hot....

semi good use of five minutes, sort of...

Very good as either hentai or a game...

I dusted off my account just to post this. You obviously put a lot of effort into this, feedback is the least I could give, I suppose. (maybe monehs when I stop being poor, you deserve it)

Graphics- Of course, really, really good. While she's clearly a furry, she's more humanoid (what with the lips and all), which was a smart move on your part. With furries, it's usually the face that scares away people who don't share that fetish, but Kitrandra was something closer to a catgirl. I think the number of positive reviews are evidence enough that this style has wide-ranging hentai appeal. The inclusion of the gallery was a very nice touch, as well. I'm impressed by the effort you put into this.

Style- Recognizable, and unique in an odd way. And I really like how you drew her legs, I'm not sure why...

Sound- Music was a plus, but it was too loud, and it obscured the sound effects. We're talking about a slime monster here, so more slime sounds for it would be just fine. Also, more sounds from Kitraandra, though I know what a pain in the ass putting together voice effects can be if you get ambitious, so I'd call that a lower priority.

Interactivity- Very good, but there were several things I would have changed. First, having some measure of interactive payoff, such as a free play mode. Second, and this is where I start to sound ungrateful, a wider variety of hentai scenes. By that I mean, more stuff to do to her, and different, ahem... "tools" to do said stuff with. Climax scenes were a little tame. Hot, but tame. Nothing about "horny-slime-monster-from-space-raping-a-hot-female-bounty-
rl-too" has to be tame. :D

Also, you may want to try switching perspectives, where you play AS the catgirl in peril. The great thing about that format is: you can never decide if you really want to win the game or not.

It's not that what's there isn't among the best I've seen, but somehow I suspect you've got the potential to make THE best hentai game I've ever seen. That's why I'm pushing my suggestions. :D

Humor- I though the slime monster was quite funny, actually. The dumb grin made me laugh. Good antagonist, er... protagonist, that is.

Overall- Keep at it man, keep at it. Don't burn yourself out on this stuff, but absolutely don't give up on it.



Man, this game is awesome. Short but SWEET!! Keep it up


Nice animation, a suggestion would be to have clips of the three actions in the gallery for the viewer's pleasure, and keep up the good work. Make more! :)

great game

this is a great game and i think that u should consider making another one.