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Reviews for "ClixSposing Kitraandra"


I will openly admit to being caught off guard by the gameplay. I thought it was some nameless dress up game, then I got shot.

Good job.

Pretty Good

I liked it, pretty hard to find catgirls on here these days, granted not much for her being raped by a slime monster but hey better than some I've seen. Really good art as well, wouldn't mind another one a similar character.


This game rocked. It was funny, arousing (lol) it was mad. Hope to see more games similar to this

I declare this as rape :O

well.. i cant say i agree with the message given off by this 'game', im just kinda worried about the side fact that some sick womanless geek is going to go out and rape some chick because of what he saw and liked on the internet.
But on the side fact you have tryed very hard to make a new brand of game and interaction that in my opinion is a unique thing. I can admire the perfection of her drawn body but i cant say its exactly as much as a turn on as many of these weird internet perverts keep notifing you in thier weird little reviews.
But as a common review suggests on a non-biast perspective, more things need to be added for a more enjoyable experiance. Such as more challening qualitys, the game is practically over in 8 - 12 minutes making it less of a game and more of a slow step by step practice on "how to become an internet rapist" :P.

Stills i enjoyed it, perfectly drawn out, perfectly scripted, just no foreplay or "storyline" really involved there or any real options.. you toke the fun out of what sex is about lol, stills 5/5 bro, like to see more in the future ^^

Make more of these