Reviews for "Unrest"

haha reminds me of Evangelion nice!

All hail the pixel art master! No but, I like your style. Super. ;)

whoever rates this fucking 4 stars is jelly as hell

awesome art

It has a story, but itis left for the viewer to tell. Love the ascending tree line and the fire effect. It leaves alot for us to interprut on our own. Os that damage on the arms or just the way they are designed? Is he walking towards us, leaving destruction to his back or is he walking to the fire to fight it and save us? Beautiful work. I agree it would be a worthwhile print.

This is the best. The fire, the smoke. I would love to have this hanged in my room. PLEASE never stop making these. I don't know what it is, but they have something epic, addictive and the colors are just great.

Carrion responds: