Reviews for "Fighting Yoshis"


I could imagine me being super mario in Super smash bros brawl fighting against 100 yoshis. It's just like the Motivational poster "Betrayal"


I like where you were trying to go with this, but it just didn't get the effect you might've been trying to portray. Good try though.

Wonderful cover

Love the battle like theme you made it into here. The tune is just great and kind of his a holiday like feel to it as well. Awesome cover, another enjoyable Yoshi theme remake and remix. Excellent work on this one.

The synth has a cosmic feel and gives a feel of yoshis falling all around to the stage to take on the battler in Super Smash Bros. The trumpets and piano also have a nice feel to them. The bass and drums were excellent here too, great kick off at the start.

Overall, awesome cover, very enjoyable.

Just..not into it.

I appreciate the leap you took here to take the melody out of it's original key and give it a minor feel, but I'm just not sure it worked out to well. It was executed Ok, but along with some of the instruments feeling forced and repetative, the melody line kind of lost it's magic when you put it into those minor chords.

I'm sorry; this song just doesn't do it for me :(

Interesting take on a Yoshi story theme

I like this song. It says that You're fucked and you pissed off the wrong nice dinosaurs bravo