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Reviews for "Blocking Wall Worlds"

in fact

nice game if your are noob but if your not you need pratice for got nice code maybie its gonna be ever nice if you bigger the caractere and repair the code the ice. and its not obligatory to make explosion you can make other thing .
maiby the next gonna be better.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Well the reason its like that because i made the game with the block, then added the characters after words. But no there wont be another game of this.

Just a few things

On easy, it was VERY hard to see the platforms.

The controls seems slow, and not very responsive.

But the game was very fun!

joshuaskillsrobles responds:


really i dont know what to typ here

not my type of game but still good job on making it..
maybe but a button to turn music off? it annoyed me alot..

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Oh sorry about that ill make one now.