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Reviews for "Blocking Wall Worlds"


Wat the fuk is the point of that game i got bored on the third level BLAM IT!!!!!

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Fucking noob. You dont know anything about games. You dont even have a flash or music. You can blam when you do. But guess what, it stayed.

Pretty damn fun!

Saw that 2 of my songs got used in a flash, so I decided to go take a peek ;)

EXCEPT I CAN'T PLAY THE LEVELS MY SONG IS USED FOR! lol...guess I'm not the extreme yet?

anyways, this is a pretty damn fun game, platformer done WELL. Only issues I had were most notably that there is a bit of a "lag" on jumps, about a 1/4 second delay after pressing up you'd jump, which often would cost you the level.

Great game, I'll be sure to check out your future stuff!

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yeah your songs are cool man. It took me along time to find something tahtl fit the game, and well i found your songs.


Now you can actually get to work on Suffer to live..

Anyway, if you people are hitting yourself over the Dark levels, I am the abomination who designed those.


joshuaskillsrobles responds:

yeah its true he designed them. If ya think ice levels are hard. Well this one is gonna be unbetable for you.

Standard platmormer

Floaty controls

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Sorry about that. Ill try to make them better in my next jumping style game.

Good, Clean, Fun.

This Is A Good Game, Not One Of The Best But Its A Decent, Time Killer. I Started On Hard Since Extreme Is Locked, It Wasnt Very Hard, But It Was A Good Game With Easy To Understad Controls And Oblectives.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

I was looking for addictive, but i guess that didnt work. Thanks anyways.