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Reviews for "Blocking Wall Worlds"

not bad but gets boring

good fun for a while but the levels are too samey. theres almost too many levels and youll probably get bored after completing 10 levels or so. Controls unresponsive and annoying and the characters move too slowly (particularly in jumps) i hope u make improved games. like level design and music though.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yes i will do that.


it had no style and did nothing new. the movement was unrealistic and the stage wasnt detailed. next time put more effort in.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Well i did put more effort than part 1.

quite rubbish

a little big like "n" but much, much less fun

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Never heard of "n." But maybe ill find it soon.

it was a good game but drags on

could do with some more warp things and more things to do
but overall a good job

joshuaskillsrobles responds:


Totally old-school. Commodore 64 forever.

Somehow addictive, somehow frustrating. But not really unfair because of the infinite lifes. Simple gameplay with simple controls, although they are a bit flabby. Could be an old classic. Some people may say it's bad made flash, but i don't.

joshuaskillsrobles responds:

Yeah it lags a bit, but you get use to it.