Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

Made me think of Michael Jackson

I guess this is how it would be if the Neverland Ranch was stormed by cops and firefighters. The game play is very interactive, and intense. I thought the powerup menu was hard to read and could use improvement. Keep up the good work.

Ok Game...

As far as the gameplay--it was alright. Nothing too spectacular here. But, the concept was nice! Babys and bombs are always good combinations, don't you agree?


^^Good Points^^
Babies and bombs, what a strange combination, though I must admit, this game was pretty humorous to play. I really like that you have to control both the cannon and the firemen, which makes this much harder than most defense games. Also, the many upgrades were an excellent idea. I like how the price increased each time you had to buy one. Great music throughout, great graphics, and smooth game play. Very nice job.

^^Needs Improving^^
The only thing I would say, even though it isn't major, is that the instructions could be manual to speed things along.

Hey this reminds me of two games put together :D

nice pretty original, the loader screen is cool!, and i like the game

hmmmm ahh

fine game