Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

not bad.

not bad

wow brilliant

gr8 game no regrets about shootin babies XD

catching the babies was jolly fun good work brent

i liked how u had to shoot at the bombs while catching the babies and the cooling system but u shud make the map bigger for more of a challenge

Really Enjoyed it

Hey, great game! The concept is really fun and innovative. Good music choice and awesome explosions. I feel that I'd make a really good father now after saving so many babies with a cannon! Great Work! I'll probably play again later!


Loved this game, not so hard at first, but it gets quite mesmerising and you loose concentration, I kept shooting the babies by accident (then I did it just for giggles). The only bad point I saw was the way the cannon power bar didnt stay at full power, but fluctuated between low and high. Maybe that point is integral to the game, im not sure, it just annoyed me a little.
Loved the songs by the way, the rock version of Cannon in D is amazing