Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

that was brilliant

that was the best game i'd played in a long time. really good, like, really really good


sry bout the last post (shocker2000) I thought I was on a different page

awesome music

The music in this game really stands out. And the rest of it is good too. Kinda hard catching the babies and shooting the bombs but still a lot of fun.

This game is awsome

this game is great, i gave it a 5, it's so addicting, if u can multitask, this game is soooo fun, once you get to higher levels. i like this game alot, good job, keep em' comin'.

outstanding game!

A classic game where you catch babies falling from the air and destroy the horrible bombs that follow! A great game that requires concentration and stratagy skills, and old-fashioned fun!