Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"


This is a nice game actually.
Shooting babies is freakin fun!!

It was ok

Everything was good with the game except the fact that it is very easy.

Not bad

Here's a breakdown of your grades on this one:

The graphics weren't bad, the problem is thet they were very repetitive. The varying backgrounds helped your score here, but there wasn't much detail to anything.

Not much to say here, game layouts were pretty simple, nothing too interesting to note.

I liked the game music, it really got you into the feel of the game, espically the bonus tracks. The only problem was that the break in the loops was a bit noticable in some of the tracks.

You could have done a lot more here. There was no baby death scenes, no blood, all you got when a baby fell was a little cry. The explosions weren't all that amazing either.

Commanding the cannon and the firemen at the same time took a lot of my focus and the ability to buy many different types of uprgades between levels gave you a lot of control in how your game progressed.

There wasn't really much of anything funny in the game, but the ridiculous concept of babies, bombs, fireman, and a cannon was a bit amusing when I first looked at the game.

I played this for a couple hours, longer than I would have expected. Died and restarted a few times till I perfected my strategy, and got going with it. After a while however the game's repetitiveness and easiness just made me bored, and I bombed the babies to the ground to make myself lose. To my surprise I took the high score by a pretty good margin (yeah, that's me Travis A) so I guess not everyone found the game as easy as I did. Not a bad game per se but it could be improved upon.


LOL weird concept for a game but very entertaing LOL nice job

No one gives a shit about 14 year olds

Last guy who posted, no one gives a shit about ur music likes. Dont push ur crap onto perfectly fine games. Good game n e ways.