Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

pretty good but really easyish

i beat it really easy so yeah umm really no replaying it

awesome music

The music in this game really stands out. And the rest of it is good too. Kinda hard catching the babies and shooting the bombs but still a lot of fun.

Game was good, music was better

I liked the music most about that game, but the game itself was a nice twisted change to all the things in my everyday life, good work

catching the babies was jolly fun good work brent

i liked how u had to shoot at the bombs while catching the babies and the cooling system but u shud make the map bigger for more of a challenge


What kind of sick twisted world are you in, dropping not only babauies, but bombs and babies from the sky. Other than that, nice game, i was amased when the upgrades appered. Very good, nice job, make more :)