Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

Great Work!

I loved this, It is really simple and fun, and lasts for ages, This is a great Game, hope you make more like it!


Excellent game, man!

It was funny when the baby fell, and it cried.. lol. The music got a little boring after a while.. but hell, the game makes up for that!! I give this 4 crieing babies......... out of 5

No one gives a shit about 14 year olds

Last guy who posted, no one gives a shit about ur music likes. Dont push ur crap onto perfectly fine games. Good game n e ways.


Yeeeeeaaah...It got boring kinda quick, like the rock music though, if you make a sequel, may I suggest some trance music? 14 year olds like me are on this site alot and a lot of us like trance...