Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

very nice

this game be nice on ewgrounds felicitation the first poeple with talent i ever see on the flash portal

that was brilliant

that was the best game i'd played in a long time. really good, like, really really good

YAY, the potatoas are hot!

I think i saw the explosion a tutrial around here, issit yours (too lazy to check the autors)
oh well i like it, (i didn't read the instructions so i just fired at the babies, that was fun) nice graphics and stuff, good music, loved the preloader, so it's good, i even think frontpage good, but thats up to tom fulp.....or what?


not bad.

not bad

Made me think of Michael Jackson

I guess this is how it would be if the Neverland Ranch was stormed by cops and firefighters. The game play is very interactive, and intense. I thought the powerup menu was hard to read and could use improvement. Keep up the good work.