Reviews for "Mayhem In The Skies!"

great game

uprgrade screen was comprehensive and extensive. games interest was added to by many things, like the upgrades, and shooting babies, and the music. uh....too hard for me, died pretty early, but fanstastic nonetheless. i have no recomendations....none. quit your day job, please. just do this more. i'll give you a dollar

wow brilliant

gr8 game no regrets about shootin babies XD

Nice job

Original gameplay, "3D" sounds, nice music, only the graphics could use more work. There was a fireman game looong ago, that was similar to this one.


Very original.

Well made!

That was a very interesting game!

Music was great...first tune i think was Pirates of the Carribean tune? and then a rock remix of tetris :S

hehe all in all that was good fun.

keep up the good work