Reviews for "Oddworld Maze Game 3"


hehe I passed!!! ok ok I cheated... shhhhhh you know if you move your mouse outside the movie frame you can get to the end... but it was a very good game... very creepy thumbs up to you my friend thumbs way up!!!

alio-big-mac responds:

lol, you can right click to cheat, trust me every1 knows, lol.

the best maze i have seen... yet

havent tried the bug, nice going this game is OK but nothing i would play for fun.
looked nice, kinnda scary with all the noises and spooky backgrounds, the man looked wicked too! NICE!

alio-big-mac responds:

:D cheers mate, if you like style you can look at my other stuff, you might like it too.

nice game

but its a bit to easy.....sry mate 10-10 anyhow


I'm doubting you copied that Abes Odessy game.
Admitedly, I've never palyed it, but I still doubt the fact. Mostly because my friend here's palyed it, and says no, so...you know, that kinda does it for me.
I like it. It's freaky. Although, yeah, it's easy... BUT still a little difficult.
My example is the fact my friend can't even finish level 3.
So rock on to you!


to easy fun and i didn rly see how this relatide to oddworld so...yea...left click and then click next lvl and you move on so yea it was easy 4 me but goood game