Reviews for "Oddworld Maze Game 3"


Its was kinda boring because it was just a maze game with a guy stuck to the mouse. the thing that really sux is that u COPIED Oddworld off those abes oddysee games n stuff. It would have been better if it was more original.

alio-big-mac responds:

ok, i did not COPY abes oddesy, i did not even know about that game until someone gave me a review before that my stuff had nothing to with abes oddesy, this is 100% my own original stuff, you can think what you like, but i seriously have never played that psx game


The game menus were hard to read. It was hard getting past the first level because I couldn't see what I was sposed to clcik on to take me to the next level.

alio-big-mac responds:

sorry I did not realise how hard it actually is to read the writing at the beging, i will change it in the future, but basically, the mouse cant touch the walls, and to get to the next level, you go to the end of the maze to the "next levle button" and click it, hopefully if you try now you might enjoy it more :P


that was hard and cool, I liked how scary it was, with the music and the scratchy walls, etc. I also liked "don't move in the dark" that was cool, and like a horror movie or something.

alio-big-mac responds:

:D:D:D i so glad you like that level, the whole way through i really wanted to put that in, but i had to self control my self to wait to the end lol

the best maze i have seen... yet

havent tried the bug, nice going this game is OK but nothing i would play for fun.
looked nice, kinnda scary with all the noises and spooky backgrounds, the man looked wicked too! NICE!

alio-big-mac responds:

:D cheers mate, if you like style you can look at my other stuff, you might like it too.


beautifull flash nice levels played em all out in less then 2 mins.. yes i did ;o
because of a huge bug...
if you move your mouse out of the screen and just keep it ouy and go click on next level icon you go to next level without having to do the maze.. when the next level icon isnt near the outside just open another screen en do the alt+(two arrowsthingy) stay in the other screen and place it next to the next level button go on the button click...
huge bug..
i did try most of the levels without doing that
and i say the game was really really originall and nice nice nice made! the bug made you lose points.. 3/5

alio-big-mac responds:

The thing is i know the bug, hell all the games i made have it in it, i kept it there, lol, to make life easier incase some-one could do a level.