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Reviews for "Windows Collab"



TemporarySevenSeize responds:


It's okay, I guess

I didn't enjoy the first one, it just didn't explain what was so bad about Windows, only showing how badly the character was drawn and how he failed installing something that didn't fit in the CD drive.
The 2nd one was more decent, but what put me off was the desktop, I don't want to see a woman backside, that's just rude, although the rest of it was okay.
I took away 2 points for the 1st one and 3 points for the desktop one the 2nd one.


TemporarySevenSeize responds:

Yeah thanks


XD it's really funny!!!! XD

TemporarySevenSeize responds:


Pretty nice

That guy was pretty damn cute. he was great. the second part was funny with those funny errors.

Those Errors. How were the errors been made? I found this movie to be very funny. awesome Job you guys

TemporarySevenSeize responds:


There are plenty of windows error generators out there


OMG LOL this is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TemporarySevenSeize responds: