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Reviews for "Reading Rainbow 5"

Doody wants his dilly dip!

That was some very funny shit! A very good job might I add. The kids were the biggest dumbasses I've ever seen, and the first kid was hillarious, I mean he already had pubic hair! Oh, and if you can't read the recipes in the kids recipe book, right-click and hit play, to stop play, so you can see them. It's funny as hell! Sorry, but now I have to go eat dilly dip and carrot sticks!


fuck wat that last guy said, that shit was awesome!...lol..dilly dip...

Fucking bollocks...

...dont even waste your time with this shit...fucking abismal...big piece of shit, why make this? When you could be commiting suicide instead...fucking mongoloid...

Penis Pop?

Did anyone else notice the pickle pop was in the shape of a penis? Hehe I thought that was funny


That was the worst movie yet, stupid, NOT FUNNY, plain and sipmly retarded!!!!