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Reviews for "Reading Rainbow 5"

Best movie ever, (oops, i meant) WORST MOVIE EVER!

It was the worst piece of crap i have yet to see. awful.

that was awesome.....NOT!

Id have to say that was like putting your head in someone's ***!

Afrostud is a idiot dont listen to him

it's awesome if you hate it why are you watching it afrostud ever thought of not watching them an avoiding it,geez you been taken drugs from bryan?

The worst in the series apart from the mix

Once again that was awful, just like the whole series, the humor sucks and isn't even remotely funny, it's just stupid, why did you ever btother making stuff like this, just like the mix the idea to this one was terrible, man I hate this series, I can't believe that someone could make something this bad.


Stupidest thing ever