Reviews for "Boss Fight 1"

Very nice!

Sounds like a DK64 custom boss theme lol.
at :58 it IS a DK64 song.

this is awesome!

i could picture this being on a final fantasy game or sumthin


This was a pretty intense boss battle theme you created,it was fast pace for the most part and had a wide variety of awesome beats that went very well with each other,the quality was great as was the volume syncing of the beat so overall i think this was another swell track you created. =)


needs some dynamics though

nice song!

I think your melody should be louder, so that it stands out more. An example is the horn's melody (it sounds like a horn, but I'm not sure) you should put more emphasis on that melody. Otherwise this is pretty good!

Anthouse21 responds:

Ok thanks ill do just that! I love advice...