Reviews for "M64|Dire Dire Docks|Brazil Mix"

Long time man...its been a long time...

Seeing as your coming July 20th(as it says in your comments i hope thats true) This song just i very memorable. Now that you have been gone for a while you've gotten what you wants dude. Alot more respect. More of your songs got voted up! Now your #1 again! Everthing in this song was great!

Keep it \V/ man! <=)


HouseMasta responds:

cool beans! thanks a lot for waiting up for me lol!


The origonal one is alot more calm and slow and thats what i loved about it but this one is just as good as it is the same song but has that faster beat and is more lively.

PS: To the guy that asked the metal cap question on the metal cap remix (not hardcore)my answer is mario, Yoshi and Wario shouldnt have been added in (one is a dinosaur that doesnt fit in at all and the other is a guy that steals for a living)

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the 10!

Honesty is Overrated

Taking over the world isn't! Muhuhahahaha

HouseMasta responds:

firebirdfreak you loser... dont create alt accounts of me!

man you are good

if i were you i wuld start selling your music in stores!
thats how good i like your music

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot desperat! Im glad you enjoyed it. haha i wish i could start selling it :/

Good Work

This peice of music ovisly had alot of work put into it, and I think the flowing water was an excellent addition. Remixing a classic song from mario 64 was a great idea. Definitly on my favourites.

HouseMasta responds:

good im glad :)