Reviews for "M64|Dire Dire Docks|Brazil Mix"


I've been around NG audio portal for a year now, but your music was the only one good enough to make me create an account to review sth. Awesome! First, because I admire your work. Second, I admire Koji Kondo and third, I'm Brazilian! 10/10 ~ 5/5. I must admit though, it doesn't resemble Brazil in anyway.
Keep it like that.




HouseMasta responds:

thanks mate!

Ah, the memories...

Looks like you're really good at that, huh, HouseMasta? You can always bring back someone's memories about a Mario game with your remixes, and I never got disappointed with your audio work! Keep it up, HouseMasta!

you bring back memories....

so relaxing, and... I need to listen to this when im about to hit something or some'ONE'


listining to the running water made me have to use the bathroom hahaha. Nah just kidding. it made me think happy relaxing thoughts