Reviews for "M64|Dire Dire Docks|Brazil Mix"


I thought yous said you weren't going to do VG remixes for a while. I am glad you chose to do this one before doing some DnB! Great song, great game, nuf said. Keep up the good work, can't wait to hear what's next! Go easy!

HouseMasta responds:

thanks man. yea, i decided to do a couple more b4 i work some more on DnB or techno or something. thanks!


dood its kick ass how u remixed this song and a lot of other M64 songs...i was looking for mixes opf a lot of them for awhile : P

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it


This is one of my favorite songs from Mario 64, and the remix was pretty cool. Middle was somewhat odd, but overall I still enjoyed it for the most part.

Good stuff!

HouseMasta responds:

haha yea, well its brazilian lol

thanks for the review

sweet tunes, thanks for telling me to listen!

thanks a bunch steve for going a different direction and making it, quite possibly the weirdest genre ever? Brazilian? haha. Still, g00d stuff .

HouseMasta responds:

thanks man, gald you enjoyed it

good stuff!

wow, brazil jamacian and caribbean! whats next? icelandic? ROFL keep it up dude!

HouseMasta responds:

haha thanks