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Reviews for "Time to face the monster[Gian]"


Very good song, guy!! I like the ambience that you give it, with this fuzzy broken sound and the octavia-ish tones.

Gian responds:

Thanks for the original thoughts, I enjoy the way people see my music. Thanks again bro.


If I could I would give it 20 points

Gian responds:

Thanks bro! I didn't think this song would be so liked :P

Really great!

I'm a big fan of early Pink Floyd and other drug inspired rock that isn't just silly "420 smok weed all dai"
I loved it!

Gian responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it bro (: thanks for the review.

You fuckin' hippes

And your fuck LSD, Marijuana, and other substances with your kickass music.... What the fuck was I saying?

5/5, 10/10

Gian responds:

fuck yes!

Good shit but..

Stop smoking weed <3

Gian responds: