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Reviews for "Time to face the monster[Gian]"


i love you

Can I use this?

This is some funky shit I love the subtle opening then it felt more cowboy bebop-ish in the middle, then the end was like borderlands. This is very nice. I'd like to use this in a montage I'm makin for halo is it cool with you?

Gian responds:

Totally fine with me bro :P Thanks for the review. Tell me when it's done!

Really Really good

I'm more of a classical artist but a friend said you had some good stuff. and I will need to have to agree with him.

Gian responds:

I'm glad you liked it bro :) Thanks a lot for the review!

This is really

some great music. And as JohnFalcon77799 said, it could use a little bit more of your awesome vocal. Really a good song though! rocked my world.

10/10 - 5/5

Gian responds:

Thanks bro (:
Maybe I will add more vocals on a next version of the song, thanks for the review and support!

Great song

It could use some more vocal though...

Gian responds:

I wish my voice didn't suck as much as I think it does haha.. I would love to sing more on it, thanks for the good review bro.