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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"


The sheer level of complexity in this song is INCREDIBLE! Multitasking? This is beyond multitasking. How you got that many sounds layered over one another, and still had pitches matching harmoniously... I'm speechless, and that's rare.

And I love the intro. Grabs your attention. Not just some of it, All of it.

Remember to have strong intros, I'm sure you know that. People like me don't listen to the rest of the song if the hook isn't in the beginning, whether it be subtle, or like yours, in your face.

this is the best song ever

Woah this is the best song u shold have even more songs


Never heard such a weird vibe. I love the uplifting climbing arp-ish reverse sound, it really makes me so darn happy, i am really overwhelmed (:

Keep on doing the geeewd work, i love it man

We Run and Fight, did I mention we love it?

Title says it all, the other review's cover the highlights in this. I like how it started it out, mostly.


its great and it sounds good for one those games were you have to run away from something