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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"


This song has such a determined feel. I love the use of the reverse-type sounds. I could listen to this epic boss fight/gaining power/FIRE THE LAZER! song over and over. Very nice work.

Super fun!

I like how happy it is, yet it has that one evil chord, giving it a kinda fighting, determined sound. Like a Medieval quest on Molly, haha. I really dig it though. VERY, very catchy. Nothing really for me to criticize, I think this is a very professional piece. Excellent work!

P.S. Mind returning the favor?

Omg This is....

This song was excellent the beat was catchy ...I could jump to it for ever!!!!

Irish-dance-trance-techno... I LIKE IT.

For some reason- i see leprachauns when i listen to this song...... I LIKE IT

Not my type of music...BUT...

I usually score on what the person intended the song to sound like. After hearing this song, it does fit its name of "We Run and Fight" really well. Sooo...you shall get a 10 from me.