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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"

This Is. EPIC

Only probalem is it isnt remixable


That.Was.Epic. This is not the slightest bit awful!!! It's the complete opposite! It should definitely be used in new movies' fight scenes, and new video games' chases, fight scenes, and times where u open a door, or eat anything. But there's 1% locked content so 0/10!!!!!!! lol jk. Great song. End of story.

wow, this is rly good :D

Sounds like what could be some trippy castlevania song because of the main organ sound and the bass; I love it! :D

Friend's dog

My friend's dog was humpping the couch while this was playing! XD None the less, this was fucking awesome!


When I listen to this, I picture a rainbow mutant on ecstacy shooting energy blasts at civilians...