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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"


Good supporting beat. The drums worked together and the bassline was good. It is hardly ever that the bass line changes in songs. Id suggest another melody to add to the mix.

Using this

Hey love the song it actually fit perfectly for a halo vid im doing and Im giving credit to you in the end just wanted to know if it was cool with you


Looping this all day long!


for some reason when i saw your title i thought "hmm maybe he actually wrote a fairly serious song." but when i listened to it the mental picture i was getting was some strangely dressed person running around with a massive smile on their face punching random people in the face, not that thats a bad thing. its a really great song i like the baseline too.

mooseymaniac responds:

What? Lol. I don't know if I can write a serious song. My imagery is almost as messed up. Thanks again for the review. glad you liked it.


Pretty awesome song. But I noticed at around like 43 or 44 theres is a random drop in the volume. Idk just seemed kind of out of place.. other than that nice beat! :)