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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"


Dude, don't it suck when yer song has more downloads then votes?

mooseymaniac responds:

Yeah. I guess it sucks. As long as no one is zero bombing I'm pretty happy though.

Hamsters? Ok... Hamsters AND Ducks?! YEAH!!!

Lol when I hear this it makes me feel like I'm playing some crazy old video game. For making me reminisce, 10/10. :)

mooseymaniac responds:

I fail to see the connection between this song and old videogames. But thanks for the 10.
Could you tell me what old games you used to play? I want to play them.

If I could I would give you a high five. However. I am currently unable.


Good music for a funny persecution
funny persecution? wtf?

Good Music!

mooseymaniac responds:

Thanks. Funny persecution? lol