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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"

Epic My Friend. Epic

Now If You Dont mind I Think Ill Go Parkour And Randomly Punch People Off of Buildings >.<
!Awesome Job!

mooseymaniac responds:

Haha. I'll make sure not to stand on any buildings you may be parkour-ing. thank you :)

cool :D

nice melody and mixes and all that shit but the only thing is ur style nice dude
i should give you money for this song XD
My Honest Review

mooseymaniac responds:

Lol. if you really want to you can mail 50 bucks to... naw just kidding :) I make it cuz it's fun, and I'm only too happy you enjoyed it. FOR FREE XD!

Pure awesome-sauce.

A Raptor Jesus, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee colab couldn't even come close to this.

mooseymaniac responds:

Whoah! I don't know about that man. you need to think about what you're saying there. Thanks though. I am gratified.


good techno just wat i like

mooseymaniac responds:

Gald it hits the spot

sweet, sweet

would perfectly fit a video game, not the kind i'm working on sadly ^^,'
(too bad it doesn't loop ;-[ )

sound strange at the very beginning of :44 (what append ?)
and it gets loud at 1:22 (aoutch, ears)

the start is indeed very catchy, the :22 is like... [words describing inner liberation in a great pleasure] =D

mooseymaniac responds:

It probly just got loud cuz you started screaming??