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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"

This music..

..its a pure win!

Very nice!

The only problem that I heard was that some of the transitions didn't quite seem to work, they seemed a little bit too edgy with the tempo. If that made any sense to you, please translate it to normal english. XD

Anywho, once I get a computer again, I'm gonna step this song for StepMania! That way all you people who want to DDR it can! :P

man i just LOVE this song.

Look at it this way mooseymaniac i OWE you 10 points

sweat SWING :D

i love Swing songs :D..and u did a great job here ^^..keep this up man


Great song--you definitely deserve the title! ;p Though, I do expect a pirate remix, because this song could easily be made into a pirate theme rivaling that of any Johnny Depp movie. ;p
5/5 10/10