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Reviews for "We Run And Fight"


Sounds like something that should have been the final boss fight in Castle Crashers.
Anyways, I like the bass.

It reminds me of FF7

Dunno why but this reminds me of FF7 Boss Battle. Anyways 10/10.


fun and bouncy XD, just makes me wanna laugh and smile for some reason!

thanks ;P

its so up beat and happy :P, true this is not perfect but hey i can imagine playing yoshi's island whilst listening to this so im good XD *faved*

It's good.

Sounds like a pixelated pirate trance song to me. Some of the transitions and beats after the transitions seemed to stop suddenly rather than blend nicely. You could probably tweak this a little to turn it into a video game loop.

~Depes Crystalline~


The sounds are too bright. And...as usual...the sounds are all too loud. Everyone on Newgrounds likes to max out the sounds so that when people play it, their ears explode.

The percussion is pretty decent, except for the fact that it NEVER CHANGES.

The melody is good, but you need more variation, otherwise it's just a loop, not a song.

Congrats on making the top five. I don't think you really deserved it, unless there really was nothing better out there.

Things to improve on:

1) Work on counter melodies with unique instruments with different tones to counterbalance each other. This can add so much to your music.

2) Percussion...Make it less predictable and more fun. What you have is good, and for a loop it is good. But if your going to classify this as a song, it needs more.

3) Sound...Don't max out the sounds, although it may be tempting, it is better to start out soft to allow for dynamic changes. You do have a dynamic change at around 0:55 that I liked, put more of those kinds of things in your music.

I hope you find this review helpful. It may sound harsh, but I am a critic and I will tell you what you need to hear. Keep at it man, this has major potential!

mooseymaniac responds:

hey, thank you for being honest. I really appreciate it. I've taken into account all that you've said realizing that this song is far from perfect. And I was actually really suprised I got best of the week, you're probrably right on me not deserving it. I've never been so good with beats, (at least at changing them up and what not) but I will look into it. Not maxing out the sound is very hard to do, but leaving room for growth in a song is important, thanks for the advice, and the solid 5