Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"

Full score.

Excellent use of the english grammar combined with stylish animation, and a simple but overall brilliant story.

Make more!

always wicked

Your cartoons are always entertaining,
The voice acting especially.
I wonder.. do you still use your camcorder for recording voices.. or do you have a high quality pc mic now?..
I want one.

Ah David Firth...

My favorite Newgrounds artist. I love everything you make, and I've read every page of your site. This one was amazing and very odd. Be proud of yourself! Three Cheers!

Another Dave Filth Classic!

Truley another master piece!

Dude you rock so much! keep em coming!


I watched it through the first time and I said, "I really, really don't like this." Compared to some of your other cartoons it was garbage. BUT, then I remembered I felt the same way about The Men From Upstairs, and THEN it hit me. Genius, Mr. Firth, kudos, very humorous and very clever indeed.