Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"

aw man

I've never felt so sad after watching a movie about happines..


I guess happiness is what you make of it. That is what I take from it.


As David Firth himself said: "This cartoon has no meaning". & I believe in doing so; anyone of any age can derive an entirely different meaning from an entirely different perspective, regardless of the actual storyline behind it. But as for the music in the background, I'd strongly have to agree with Prov. Because I've downloaded EVERY single song off of all seven Locust Toybox albums... & I still haven't found this song! =(

- Xtoner

Possible metaphor

I think it's a metaphor for sex there's some clues but i aint conected them all yet.

Luxembourg- The smallest country in Europe is the most popular guy - Size doesn't matter

What the pulch looks like - obvious.

The trick is in the timing - Ejaculation.

Maybe it's also about how in a relationship it's good up untill after the sex, in which intrest is lost.....i don't know.


Life. Thats all i need to say.