Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"

Realy awesome flash!

Now this may just be a hunch, but is this about male masturbation? If so, awesome. If not, still freakin awesome.

PS - I never give tens all the way through or anything like that, but I felt that this really deserved it.


lol @ the guy who said stop copying david firth. 5'd and fav'd. best firth yet


kickass animation but, like men from up the stiars, i think theres a dirty second meaning here, involving what the pulch and "reassuring arm" reprsents.....ooh firth your one sly hobbnerer.

....................Wait what?

That was one of those things that doesn't conciously make much sence but u still get it. Preaty well done

I love it...

That kinda make me feel sad..and all awkward...I was really into it...amazing..I wonder how you think of these things.