Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"

To CyberHysteria

Your smart. Now that I realise it it does seem to hint tords it being about masturbation. Theres a couple of lines that made me realize it.
The first one was when it said a pulch sprung up and just the shape of the pulch
The ending is what did it for me
It seems to be ozing some sort of goo and pure liquid happyness made me think that it was about it. And also how it said the good times ended after the goo came out of the pulch made me totaly think it was about masturbation other then some other theories I had.


This one is my favorite... 'no no it tastes like burnt yogurt' that's funny!

I think I Understand

I think this is about how it is not the thing that makes you happy it's the people your with.


clearly this is about masturbation, look at all the hints!

I've always loved this one

Sooooo sad :(

I need to know the name of the background song tho :P

Well done!