Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"

Confusing, but entertaining for sure.

"The trick is in the timing" What could it mean!? Is David Firth being subtle or is he just being weird??!?

wtf mindnumbing

this video made me fall asleep for 3 AND A HALF HOURS!!!


This is another masterpiece by David Firth, and a deep one at that. It is my belief taht the story behind this is that, there always seems to be one thing that makes people happy for a short amount of time. Once that thing is gone however, people have a tendency to simply give up, instead of trying to find the next thing. Luxemburg was the key component to the pulch, so his death was the ending of happiness.


I love videos that give you large thinking opportunities, such as this. This video was either about one of two things, society or masturbation...perhaps both, or something completely different that hasn't crossed my mind yet! None the less, it was an intriguing video that left me with an open mind. Which in most cases I lack, you seem to broaden my thinking and mindset quite a lot actually. Great work.

Deep I guess

To me, this movie seems to show that the majority of our society will learn to pin its hopes on one particular thing, in this case Luxembourg even though all the other people believe it was%uFEFF the pulch, it was actually Luxembourg they were depending on. In addition, people tend to all follow each other, with some exceptions like the guy with the mandolin, and the pulch falling down represented society once they believed that hope was gone. It's pretty deep