Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"


depressing and touching.

Fantastic Story

This is one of my favorites of yours. The meaning is hard to decipher, and like others, I think the important part is trying to find it for oneself. There seems to be a message here, I interpreted it as simply saying that things can happen to make people happy, but don't rely on just one thing to do so.
Also, due to the fact that the Pulch only died after Luxembourg's passing, it seems that happiness largely derives from people, not objects.
Whether this message was intentional or not, the story is still beautiful. I got a tear in my eye when Luxembourg died. It tasted like burnt yogurt.


That was great. I'm not sure what it was about, if anything, but it was creative in every form. It may have a deeper meaning, or perhaps Mr. Firth is just being strange... or perhaps it's about ball sacks. Regardless, it is my new favorite beyond The Men From Up the Stairs.

Atmospheric stuff

Lovely feel to it, this one. I never quite know exactly how much of your animation is for the sake of strange, or some deeper meaning, but either way this one tastes great. Like burnt yoghurt.

Maybe I'm a freak, but...

... I always get an empathetic feeling from your animations, Davey. I really love this one, it may be my favorite of yours. Different, not as dark maybe, and quirky without being really silly. I tend to view it like I'd view a short film, to be honest, Really excellent work, I love it.