Reviews for "Pulch: The Good Times"


That was excellent. Salad fingers may be your most famous work, and although it is also very good, it Isn't your best. But this felt perfect.


I dunno why your all try to decipher this.. Just take it as it is. A bunch a weird stuff that makes me laugh till I cry.
I'll say it again. Good job David

David Firth

Top class Brit :D:D:D:D:D


I love how this could have a complex meaning like some people have figured out, or it could just be meaningless crap made to make people wonder. Although, I wouldn't call it crap in any case. Art is more like it!

Trying to be happy is bad... It leads to death.

I think it means... that if you are happy about boring useless meaningless crap... and make others happy about boring stuff, then you become sick and ill and die.

And all the people you were trying to make happy by this false positivity... don't end up helped in the end, they end up sad again.

Basically it means that if you want to be happy that you need something that would make you happy regardless of if you are trying to be happy or not.

Trying to be happy is bad... It leads to death.