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Reviews for "The Koopa Hunter"

something's out of place.

not the flash, the flash was fine i just felt that sprites shouldn't be used for memorial purposes. but it was on a happy note i just felt so i gave you a 4/5

R.I.P Steve Irwin happily playing with exctint animals in heaven.

Very Nicely Done

I htink this is a great way to tribute Steve Irwin.

In a funny, yet respectful way.

The animation was quite smooth, and I like your story.

Good job!


this was a really cool flash dedicated to steve irwin he was an isperation to all of australia so screw all of yous who hate steve irwin or like teasin him just go fuck your self otherwise just fuck off because steve irwin is a great guy and a great crocidile hunter anyway great flash

A toast to Steve Irwin!

*many drinks later* Heeyyy... you see that dumb hairspray or toerag or whatever that damn movie was? It SuCkEd... boobies... pie... need... more... booze... *falls unconcious from too much booze*


not bad.. btw whats the song in the credits? i collect songs that i need..