Reviews for "FBF in the membrane"


that was some awsome frame by frame. great job

punkrock-productions responds:

thanx! that was what i was aiming for ;)

alot of effort was clearly visible...

it clearly was a hard bit of flash to make but it was still a bit scratchy and could have been alot smoother.. but other then that, well done it is a FIVE for me :D

punkrock-productions responds:

YES! thanx for 5! seriously and thx for the review =)


it sounds as though youve learnt as much as me tho i only started at the beggining of the summer holiday, but i spose late's better than never at all, must have took ages to do all that in fbf! good work, hope to see more from you.

punkrock-productions responds:

yeah, that's i possibility, but it seems you might know more because it says you have more flash submitted then me. and yeah, it took really long to make, but i just worked on it constantly so i got it done sooner then i expected. thx for the review

Very nice staff.

There were some awesome parts
in it....and overall very nice.

punkrock-productions responds:

hey thax! im glad you liked it =)

Not bad

The song was addicting. Maybe smooth out the movement a bit, it was pretty random overall.. nothing really made sense in the video. Countinue to work on it brother.

punkrock-productions responds:

yeah. this animation was ment to be sorta random.. but i know what you mean about smoothing everything out. ill get even better one day ;) thx for the review