Reviews for "Egg, Bacon & Edd"

I lol'd

Very nice animated short. The only thing I would change is the egg's mouth to show more expression. Also, hire a voice actor ;P

It was alright.

__The Good__
The graphics were really nice, I thought they were very creative. Also the opening and ending scenes looked very good. Also a really nice style to this flash. The music was great! I just thought it was really catchy. Th voice acting was pretty good as well. I also thought it was pretty funny as well.

__The Bad__
It was way too short! I think you should make a series with these characters. Also I wish you could have shown the egg being splattered on the pan. The humor could have been better as well.

__Over All__
Over all this flash is really good. The graphics were great and so was the music. Next time you make a flash like this be sure you make it a lot longer! Good job making this flash, keep up the good work!

lol but..

funny but
i didn't understand edd
and the egg his mouth was bad design
but it was funny :D


Put more time into your flashes they will turn out better

It was a good laugh

It made me laugh but it was kinda short...the graphics were good ..the only thing that i didnt like was the fact that there werent enough jokes