Reviews for "H"


This flash was on CNN for a while. I am glad the people here can see for themselves the true story.


i feels that what you did was good i hope the people who blam this under5stand tht just cuz they think its wrong doent mean it is...

Very Patriotic

And not psyco patriotic, but good. And anyone who is digusted by this is a unpatriotic faggot. Why do you hate a movie that shows hate for terrorists and help in 9/11. Morons. I hope you die slowly.

This was sooooooo good

OMFG this was awexome!! I luv the clock crew and this was a great submission. It was very patriotic and still somewhat funny. All Clock Crew haters can go and have sex with a live cow. btw i loved that nuke joke. STFU Tiger Chick!! Rock on OrangeClock!!!!!1 I gave it a five. All of those who didn't and live in the US should die!!!!1

Clock Crew was there...

If you look in the history books you can see Strawberry Clock's father assassinating Hitler, so I have to say... CLOCK CREW WAS THERE!!!