Reviews for "H"

A great movie

I am reviewing this movie on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to say to the Newgrounds viewer, that if you hate this movie, you hate america, democracy, and freedom.
In fact, If you vote anything less than a five, you will be alerted to President Bush, and be put on a list of potential terror suspects by the CIA.


once agian i am amazed by the ignorance of the american land mass.
65 percent of americans still believe that saddam hussein caused 9/11.
he didnt. he was an asshole and we are happy hes locked up, but again, you americans need to know before you vote.

i voted 5 for this movie because i can feel it. my comments above are to the people who reviewd this, not to the author. i love clock movies, i am not worthy.


listen up this was an awesome movie good work.I personnally am against nuking afgahnistan but every one just SHUT THE FUK UP!!
your all like "oh we would never bomb a woole country never" WE ALREADY HAVE!Remember the herashimo bomb!and for christs sake everyone is like oh i lost a lonved one in owrld trade center i am more important than everybody!SHUT UP aright yoju think your the only one thats lost people dear to you?NO SO SHUT UP

No no no

that may just be the dumbest flash in the 9/11 collection. I appreciate that you care about the attacks but supporting dropping a nuke on Afghanistan may just be the dumbest thing America could've done in that situation. Where are they going to nuke? (If you just happen to know where Osama is, please tell us) Do you suggest we just carpet bomb Afghanistan with nukes? Do you suggest with kill everyone in the vicinity of Osama? (wherever that is). I'm sorry but I really dont think this flash was very well thought through, if thought through at all. All I can do is pray that you never become a political figure in the U.S.

we need to forget about being hateful and offended